The personal property company

Genova is a personal property company that owns, manages and develops properties with a long-term, sustainable and highly committed approach. We are focused on commercial, community service and residential properties in Greater Stockholm and the Uppsala Region.

Genova’s large portfolio of own residential building rights ensures the Group’s long-term growth and continued stable growth of the investment property portfolio, regardless of economic conditions. We are active across the entire value chain – from acquisitions, urban and project development to letting and property management.

Our mission is to combine stable cash flows
from the investment property portfolio with cost-efficient project development of mainly rental apartments and community service properties for our own long-term management.

Sustainable, safe and attractive urban environments evolve where Genova develops
and invests. We see a direct link between good architecture, sustainability and profitability. New construction is carried out efficiently, with wood as our building material of choice, in close collaboration with well-established construction companies.

Genova´s cornerstones

Customer perspective

We are a personal property company, always close to our tenants. By trying to understand our customers and see things from their perspective, we build better and more long-term relationships.

Active acquisitions

We are active in the acquisition market where we seek properties with stable cash flows and development potential, always with the starting point of finding opportunities for value growth.


Sustainability is our compass and we take responsibility as a property owner and urban developer. Key components are green financing, environmental certification of properties, wood as our preferred choice of building material and social initiatives.

Geographic focus

We are based and mainly growing in Greater Stockholm and Uppsala, which are expansive regions with a major demand for residential units. Good relationships with municipalities and local operators create conditions for further acquisitions and project opportunities.

Long-term owner

We mainly develop rental apartments and community service properties for our own long-term management. Ownership with an eternal perspective motivates long-term investments and creates scope for sustainable urban development.

Urban developer

We invest in projects where the city is evolving with a holistic approach to urban development. Genova helps to create sustainable and attractive environments where people want to live, work and visit.

Value creation

We create value through both active property management and project development. We do this by increasing letting, development and investment in properties and projects with attractive residential units and premises.

Large project portfolio

We ensure production and growth through our own large project portfolio, mainly generated from existing properties. Cash flows from our property portfolio provide a stable foundation for financing acquisitions and projects.

Architecture and design

We have a passion for design and architecture. We see a direct link between design, architecture, sustainability and profitability. Quality, design and architecture are aligned with Genova’s long-term ownership perspective.

Committed employees

By being responsive and committed, we want to help improve job satisfaction and quality of life in a more sustainable society. Employees are Genova’s most valuable asset and our most important ambassadors.