The share

Genova Property Group AB´s publ ordinary shares (GPG) and preference shares (GPG PREF) are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market.

Dividend policy

Genova’s overall objective is to create value for the company’s shareholders. In the coming years, this is deemed best achieved by reinvesting cash flow in the operations to create further growth through investments in new construction, existing properties and property acquisitions, which could lead to either small or no dividends at all on ordinary shares. In the long-term, the dividend on ordinary shares shall be up to 50 percent of income from property management attributable to ordinary shares. Dividends on preference shares will be paid in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association.


Share holdersOrdinary sharesPreference sharesHolding, %Votes, %
Micael Bile (via company)19,999,999140,00058.00%64.31%
Andreas Eneskjöld (via company)8,571,42939,72924.80%27.55%
Michael Moschewitz (via company)2,150,53822,2986.26%6.92%
Avanza Pension0453,3151.31%0.15%
RBC Investor Service Bank SA0300,0000.86%0.10%
JRS Asset Management0217,9220.63%0.07%
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB0186,8560.54%0.06%
Peter Lindell0100,0000.29%0.03%
Swedbank Försäkring AB087,2890.25%0.03%
PEG Capital Partners084,1060.24%0.03%
AB Stena Metall Finans080,0000.23%0.03%
Futur Pension Försäkringsaktiebolag073,0800.21%0.02%
Jessica Rahi070,0000.20%0.02%

As of 30 June 2020.