Financial overview

Rental income. SEKm 231.1180.6127.7108.576.355.7
Net operating income. SEKm177.4129.992.279.153.638.2
Income from property management. SEKm60.842.921.633.914.6-9.7
Income from property management per ordinary share. SEK ¹0.530.11-
Residential units under construction. no ² 540527235270217215
Residential units completed. no.13713318829
Net investments. SEKm1,074.71,141.2624.0278.5362.1190.7
Loan-to-value ratio. %55.259.461.866.050.057.0
Equity/assets ratio. %39.033.535.639.043.040.0
Interest-coverage ratio ³1.
Long-term net asset value. SEKm2,883.01,975.31,200.51,094.91,008.5830.2
Long-term net asset value attributable to ordinary shareholders. SEKm2,364.61,457.0804.4726.8666.3455.1
Total no. of ordinary shares outstanding, 000 s ⁴39,57761,44450,00050,00050,00050,000
Long-term net asset value attributable to ordinary shareholders per ordinary share. SEK59.7523.7116.0914.5413.339.10

1) For the quarter and the period, exchange rate effects have been broken out of the plan result and are reported separately in the income statement. Comparative figures have been recalculated. See further under Results analysis on pages 21-22.

2) Including 35 hotel rooms.

3) Excluding non-recurring items.

4) Recalculated in 2019 to correspond to the number after cancellation of every other share during the second quarter of 2020.